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From: Justin Kase
Subject: Part 6 Re: Chad and lolita top 10 sites
Jeremy’s little broI was 9 and thought my brothers and their friends were the coolest people
on earth. I wanted to do what they did, go where they went, and agreed to
anything they wanted big nude lolita girls
me to do. Since I was real young, they would play
around with me. When I was younger, bathtime usually meant that my little
dick would get stroked by my oldest brother Jeremy. I’d go to bed very
clean and with a dick that would still be tingling. My middle brother Chad
would get in with me, although he was really too big to be washed by
Jeremy. Those baths would almost always have Chad and me poking our dicks
at each other.It was on a summer evening with Chad that I remember a long play session
with 3 of his friends. model angel lola love Our dad pulled the camper off his pickup and left
in our big back yard. Well, he claimed that he intended to do it, it was
just the tree that he drove under helped him decided to take the camper
off. The dent in the front showed that the tree provided a little more
help. That camper just seemed to invite boys to camp out, to get away from
parents and their oversight. I had to beg and promise to not be a pain in
the ass so I could join Chad and his friends. My mom was on my side, I
think anything lolita boy 13 nude
that kept me out of the house in summer was something she
could lolita boy 13 nude support. She convinced Chad that I would be messing with them
anyway, he might as well have me officially. One of the boys, Mike,
further encouraged the consent.Mike and I had some history, he would always take advantage of looking up
the leg of my shorts to see what he could see. We hid behind some bushes in
front of his house and he felt my balls. He was also kind enough preteen lolitas videos hot to take me
to the mall bathroom a few times. He always made sure that my dick and
balls were safely inside my underwear before I zipped up. I did need to
piss a lot more when Mike joined us at the mall.We set up camp. We wired the door to the camper open, threw ice and a
bunch of cheap sodas in the refrigerator-looking ice chest, and moved some
things around. A hood to an old Chevy was propped up against a tree, some
old lockers were lolita teens in panties placed between the house and the camper, all supposedly to
shield the wind from our little barbecue pit fire, and to hide the lights
from the house (or to hide the view from european lolita rape videos the house). We had hotdogs to
cook, Fritos and potato chips, and marshmallows to burn over the fire. We
made sure little lolitas wearing panties the flashlights worked because we had a stash of magazines. I
was all prepared to yell “ooh tits” at the first site of breasts and to
grunt “hot pussy” when the page was turned to reveal those triangle shaped
pubes. Its just what you did when you with boys and there were Playboys
and Penthouses around.We cooked our hotdogs on the little metal BBQ. I was a bit confused when
John stopped Chad from cooking the last 2 hotdogs, explaining “We need
those for later.” I had rarely seen any of those boys turn down any food,
especially meat. We had enough chips and cookies that they continued to
nibble the night away. A Chips O’hoy didn’t benefit any from being toasted
on the grill. There was a nice bed of glowing charcoal and the addition of
small twigs and bark made for a good semblance of a campfire. Sleeping
bags were pulled from the camper to surround the campfire on the warm
summer night.In the glow of the fire, just after the last glow of the sun had
disappeared, we started to play poker. Of course it was strip poker. I
was at a distinct disadvantage, I had a t-shirt and a swim suit. My
knowledge and skill of poker could not bolster my chances, that and I swear
they stacked the deck every time we played then. Just little lolitas wearing panties three hands into the
game and I lost both pieces of clothing I had. top quality lolita porn As I rolled on my back and
pulled my swimsuit off, there were cheers and jeers from the others. My
brother scored a direct hit with a marshmallow directed at my hole. I
rolled back up, and to show I wasn’t that affected by being naked, I got on
my knees and swung my hips back and forth. My little dick flopped back and
forth, although there really wasn’t a lot to be swinging. I probably had
an inch and a half at best. My dick head was always pink, much pinker than
the shaft. My sack was small, wrinkled and darker than the surrounding
skin. The skin under my suit looked so much whiter in contrast to my berry
brown body.The game could have ended there. The others could have continued. In their
generosity, they decided I could continue, they would just pick something I
could do if I lost again. I don’t think I ever won a game that night, but
I wasn’t the loser every time. For losing, and not having clothes to
donate, I got to do things like pushups in the dirt, making sure my dick
touched the dirt every time. I had to push a marshmallow on my dick, much
easier when I had a hard-on. I had to lolita boys photo gallery fart in the fire, thankfully I had
become a great fart ventriloquist. And I had to run and get a leaf off a
bush right up against the house. Running around naked in the backyard was
one thing, but the challenge of young lolita ls paysites making the run and not getting caught by
the parents was exciting and scary.Some where along the way we forgot the cards and poker but not before Mike
had lost his clothes and joined me in doing something for our loses. When
Mike had lost all his clothes, he kept one hand on his dick, only removing
it to grab the cards or such. I had a great view of his dick, and he did
have a great looking 12 year old dick, especially when boned up like it was
then. My view was a result of Mike’s desire to see my dick. When Mike lost
again, it was time for a significant task, and I got to do it too ( just
the way the rules of that particular game were). It was time for those
leftover hotdogs.I had heard about it, the thing they make all boys do when they get to
junior high. It was always done in model angel lola love the dark of night, like now. Although
I was enjoying all the other things that they had me do, I was a little
reluctant to do this. It was time for them to put a hotdog up my ass, make
me run and if it fell out of my hole I had to take a bite of the hotdog.
It was the bite that bothered me. Mike seemed as reluctant but threats and
calling us chicken had him agreeing.They had us stand right next to each other. We bent over, exposing our
holes. I felt the heat of the fire warm my leg and butt, and feel the air
hit my hole. It sent a shiver up my spine. The others laughed and howled,
they all wished they had a camera, and then there was a small argument over
who would actually touch our butts and hole to put the hotdog in. When
they decided, John gave my ass a slap and told me to spread more. I felt
the cold hotdog press up against my hole, it felt like he was pressing it
in the wrong spot, I wasn’t sure it could go in. Chad and the models petite lolita underage models petite lolita underage other boy
were laughing and loving the effort it took to get Mike prepared. I heard
them say to wiggle it and when John started that, my hole seemed to open up
and accept the hotdog. At the same time, I was now really getting a boner.
It felt like the hotdog was 3 feet into me and when he young lolita ls paysites wiggled it, it made
me feel like I had to pee and other strange feelings. I was balanced on my
tiptoes as John finished the insertion. I lolita boys photo gallery
now had no doubt about the
hotdog ever coming out. My hole clamped down so tight on it there wasn’t
room for a top quality lolita porn toothpick.I was ready to go, I felt the hotdog press deep within me, and I felt it
press down on my prostate. I had to keep pulling my dick, even twisting
it, it just demanded my attention. Mike was finally ready to go and then
they decided we had to run to the fence on each side of the yard. If the
hotdog came out, take a bite, put it in and run again. I made it fast,
running almost like little lolitas wearing panties I had nothing in me. Mike made it much more of a
production. His legs were wide apart, running a weird prance. He was
halfway to the second fence by the time I was through.
I joined Chad and his friends in laughing, laughing hard. For years
later, including their graduation ceremony, those boys would mimic that
run, Mike would flip them off, and they would enjoy the laugh again.Mike was a step and a half from making it, when the hotdog dropped straight
out. Even though he begged and I think cried a bit, he european lolita rape videos was forced to make
the run again. Mike reached down and quickly forced the hotdog up his
butt. That action exposed his boner to the light, it was hard and had a
single strand of precum from his knee to his dick reflecting the light. At
that age, I wasn’t real aware of cum, let alone precum, and that image
stayed with me for years. His hardness was pointed out by the others, and
comments were made about how much he must be liking it. He protested,
saying it was just happening. I could agree, but I was also enjoying it,
some.Well, Mike made it back the next time, he expelled the hotdog and tossed it
toward Chad, who in convulsions of laughter tried to put some distance
between the hotdog and himself. He picked it up in two fingers and tossed
it into the fire. In was then, I thought I could take mine out too. It
felt “cleansing” to do so.Now, I thought that a flush beat a straight, and although Chad still tells
me that I had four hearts and one diamond to make my flush, I lost the next
hand too. John was all too anxious to shove the hotdog up my ass again,
though this time I felt it break, it was just barely hanging between my
cheeks. The run to european lolita rape videos the house to get a leaf was a disaster, although 4
bites finished off what was external. Yea, I did get a taste of shit.
That helped me decide to keep the rest of the hotdog in my ass and not let
them know there was any more in there.Not long after that, we got yelled at to quiet down. The card game ended
but big nude lolita girls the other games continued. Mike had put on his shirt and underwear, I
was the only one left naked. For the rest of the night, I was the center
of attention. I had to play a test of trust.
Mike and John held down my legs, spread wide and exposing my dick and
balls. Kelly sat between my legs, first just waving his hand over my dick,
getting closer and closer. The idea was for me not to twitch and to trust
that Kelly wouldn’t hurt me, although Chad and the others made comments
about how much it would hurt to get slapped in the balls. I did twitch
when Kelly’s hand touched my dick, not out of pain but it just felt pretty
good. Kelly got closer and closer and made more and more contact until he
was flipping my dick up and down. I got harder and harder as he did it.
He was all but grabbing it, I was wishing he would.The game got more dangerous, Kelly took a twig from the fire, its end a
glowing ember. He brought it closer and closer to my dick and balls. At
times I could feel the heat. I could make my dick bounce or move and that
got huge laughs from the boys. I stopped the fire game just by
entertaining them with my rhythmic movements of my pink headed little
I could make it go in quick little moves of big swinging jerks, the big
ones would make me aware of the remainder of the hotdog still in my ass.Kelly went on to get another twig, this one actually on fire. Because of
the heighten danger, he found it appropriate to grab my dick, just below
the head. He brought the flame close, but not close enough to ever hurt me.
He had all of two fingers and a thumb on my dick and it did feel good, but
no one said anything.For several games after that, I had one of their hands on me, mostly on my
dick and balls. They would explore, feel how big my balls were, bend and
twist my little dick. Mike placed his hand flat over my dick and balls.
It felt more than just a game, there was something passionate about it, and
Mike and I looked at each other’s eyes, there was something in that look.
If it hadn’t been for the other boys, I know we would have been into some
real playing. But with my balls against the heel of his hand and my dick
being caressed by his fingers, I was tingling from toes to ears.That touch didn’t last long, or at least not long enough. The others were
in underwear and t- shirts. Chad also took off his t-shirt and I saw he
had on a pair of underwear that had seen much better years when Jeremy had
owned them. There wasn’t much cloth left to it at all, the elastic around
the legs were just a memory. Even though I saw Chad naked almost every
night, there was something exciting about catching a glimpse of his balls
through the sagging leg openings.Whether we were done with the cards, playing truth or dare, or just
responding to any suggestion that the others had, we played and
experimented for hours. The games turned to butt play. Almost all would
involve my preteen lolitas videos hot butt. One of the first things involved John. John had to stick
a finger up my butt. The result of him finding the other end of the hotdog
got preteen lolita models toplist
such a reaction by all that all the dogs in the neighborhood started to
bark, parents yelled out the windows to shut up, and the high school
parkers looked out the steamy windows of their cars.I was so relieved to finally get it out. It went into the fire and was
consumed over the next hour by the flames. That also quieted us down.
There were a few more things that went on. For some reason, we collected
all the piss in one big coffee can, just to pour it out in an ant bed in
the morning. We started telling stories, scary ones, mostly ghost stories.
We gathered around the fire and got settled in. Mike asked me to sit next
to him. I leaned on him, he put his arm around my shoulder and we got
comfortable. The other three told most of the stories, as Mike and I
stayed back a little. His arm around me moved, rubbing my back, then my
butt, and my hip.When he put his fingers about a quarter of an inch away from my dick, he
whispered to me, asking if it was alright. I nodded and he started to play
with my dick and balls. Fingering lolita boys photo gallery them gently, squeezing them nicely,
pulling and twisting. I snuggled up as close as I could, I opened my legs
so he could have as much access as he could. I could see his boner tenting
in his underwear and even a few of his pubes reflected some light. Without
even knowing what I was doing, my hips swayed with his hand’s movement.I even saw Chad look our way, he gave me a little surprised look, then a
smile, and then a little thumbs up. I know I blushed a little but I also
liked the thought that he approved of it.After awhile, I was getting very sleepy. I was asleep leaning on Mike when
he told me to lay down. He pulled up behind me, I could feel his boner
find a good spot between my ass cheeks, and we preteen lolita models toplist shuffled to get comfortable.
I felt a little drop of liquid on the tip of my dick. I had never cum,
never even had precum, but after hours of attention, I guess something had
to come out. Mike removed it with his fingers and to my amazement, he
tasted it. His lolicon video free nude hand was off my dick only top quality lolita porn as long as that. I fell asleep
with his hand stroking me, fingering my balls, rubbing my belly, and
pressing his dick into my butt.The next thing I remember, I was waking up, the sun was high in the sky, I
was face down into a sleeping bag. I didn’t have a stitch of clothes on
me. I wasn’t real sure where I was or how I got there. I heard a couple
of voices and rolled over to see Mike and Kelly talking and eating. I got
up and found a place to piss quick. I went over and sat between them, I
wasn’t a bit shy about still being naked in daylight, but they seemed a
little uncomfortable. Although they did point out how much dirt I had on
me. Except for the clean little spot on the very tip of my dick, it was
covered in brown dirt. I had patches of dirt all over me. As I was
looking for my swimsuit and t- shirt, they told me that my Dad came out and
saw me sleeping naked in the dirt. They said he just said something about
either hosing me off or making me take a shower before I went anywhere. My
dick was worn out, it had little scrapes, it felt sore all over. Later in
the shower, it was like every nerve ending in my dick and balls were set on
high. In fact, as I walked around the next two days, I had a heightened
awareness of my dick and balls. They just kept reminding me of the fun in
the backyard.That day concluded with some lunch, showers, and then taking a models petite lolita underage nap of the
couch until dinner. There would be several more camp-outs like that, not
nearly as intense. Mike would arrange for years to come to have Chad and
me sleep over. young lolita ls paysites
He never paid much attention to Chad and Chad would end up
going to sleep earlier than normal. Mike and I became more mutual. It
would be years before I could cum, but I jacked Mike off to cuming many
times. The older I got, the more Chad would get involved, not just with me
but with Mike. Chad and I had our times too.
Email me if you like the story, I do appreciate knowing if anyone likes young lolita ls paysites to
read them. sbc_tekhotmail.com

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